Monday, March 7, 2016

Three Hours

 I had my first Moroccan tea and dinner on a boat on the river Bou Regreg between Sale and Rabat.  I normally like tea, but this tea is enchanting; mint, sugar, and a splendid service with fresh cookies. Dinner was nearly 3 hours long, after which I was delirious having had only 3 hours sleep during the past two days of travel.
Good Night.


  1. Did you actually sit and eat food for 3 hours?

  2. When I was with my family in Italy, you have to go from lunch at 1 to not having dinner until 9 at night. Dinner was always a big deal, with many courses that were spread out over a long period of time. I think this is because everybody talks a lot and they really like to eat. This is different from what we do in the US, and I didn't like it because I often got too tired waiting for the next dish.