Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Three Hours Part Zhzhuzh (two)

So, you would think that my post today would be about our lunch with the President of the (of the country) English Education Association who spoke about reforms to the Moroccan language education system. About how they are moving towards integrated subjects and project learning, and trying to get teachers to stop "covering the curriculum ." Or our visit to the Ecole Normale Superieure (the National Education University) where all teachers earn their certifications. The President of the University welcomed us then the teachers and students shared their personal experiences in the Moroccan education system, their path to becoming a teacher, and the struggles they face, as did we.
But no, it is going to be about the food. I think we spent 5 of our waking hours eating and drinking, which included another 3 hour dinner with 5 courses. One of the courses was comprised of 3 main dishes. I am only complaining in the fact that I did not train prior to my arrival for this much food, otherwise it is unreal, fantastic, and enchanting.
I am having difficulty uploading pictures and will include them in a future post. Pictures of the food of course.


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    1. And to you! I had no idea, but it was celebrated everywhere here. Women everywhere were being given flowers. We received roses.

  2. It sounds like you are having a very educational experience!Love ya RoRo

  3. It is wonderful so far. Everyone is so welcoming.
    Love you too!

  4. Post all the pictures of the food! What's the time difference like in Morocco?