Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Choukran Bizzef!

A fellow teacher and PAEMST awardee Ms. Dwyer from St. Louis put me in contact with one of her students whose family is from Morocco and who had visited there several times. 

Zak and his mother were so kind to Skype with me and help me with some of my pronunciations. In addition they gladly answered many of my questions about the culture. Online I had been reading contradictory information about how to dress and how to act. They calmed my worries, telling me that Moroccans are very interested in Americans and our culture, that I could be myself, and that the people are very friendly.

Thank you to my first new Moroccan friends!


  1. Zak was so excited to be able to share his language and culture. I'm glad that you were able to virtually connect!

  2. I believe that was a smart idea that Mrs. Landry talked to someone that was able to ease the stress about making an impression. When I went to Mexico this past Christmas, I didn't really understand the culture or how it differs from the US. Luckily, my Dad's friend's family lived in Mexico and was able to give us a few tips that we would not have known in advance.
    Much like in my Spanish class, we learn about each culture from that lesson that we are in and able to learn things that we would not have learned on our own.