Monday, February 22, 2016

Booking dot Yeah!

With my chemistry travel partner Stacey Haas, we were finally able to figure out where we are staying while teaching in Ait Melloul. And from Google Maps, it looks fantastic!

The hotel appears to be a vacation resort only minutes from the beach. I am sure we will be spending all of our time inside the classroom teaching, planning, and grading lessons.....


  1. That's a really cool feature to be able to use Google Maps/Earth.

  2. A hotel near the beach is nice, but from the sound of it, that wouldn't even matter. In Spanish class, we've learned how to say places to stay and what we are doing when we get there.

  3. When I went to Hawaii we were so happy to have gotten a condo near the beach (we were not on it, but we could see it from the condo). When you get there you should try to be able to communicate to the people so they know where you're going, like in my Spanish class we learned how to say stuff like, hotel, room, and stuff to do while traveling. So what i'm saying, is that it would be a good idea to figure out how to say some of this stuff if you end us having to communicate to them.