Sunday, January 31, 2016

Speaking Moroccan

Since I am travelling to Morocco it only makes sense that I prepare to talk to Moroccans. Only problem, which language to choose?!!! The official governmental language is French, the Northern half of the country often speaks Spanish due to the proximity to Spain, the rural regions speak Berber, and a dialect of Arabic, Darija.

I tried French for two weeks and failed miserably! I sounded like Joey from Friends when he thought he could speak French.

So now I am trying Moroccan Arabic. I am not faring any better. However, I can hope the locals will have more pity for me trying Arabic than French. Currently, I "think" I can say six words......
Listen and Speak Moroccan Arabic


  1. Hopefully you don't have to write any of those words. I would go insane before I got a sentence out.

  2. Maybe spanish could help a little bit with pronunciation. Also we learned about traveling, hopefully un volar en un avión estaba muy bueno.

  3. I understand how hard it is to speak a new language. As we are now learning about legends in Spanish, it can be hard to pronounce some of the words! Like ejército means army, is a common word that we all pretty much can not pronounce!